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Web Browsers are software programs that are used to view world wide web pages. There are literally hundreds of different software programs that people use to browse the Internet out there. Unfortunately, these programs are not held to any standards and therefore do not process web pages in the same way or always have the same capabilities.

Many people aren't even aware of browser compatibility issues, but most anyone who has traveled around the Internet has seen a site that just doesn't look "right" or, worse yet, doesn't even function properly, possibly displaying error messages. Naturally, these types of problems would drive traffic away from a web site quickly, but you may be surprised at just how many sites are not properly configured for even the top 2 browsers in use today. Browser compatibility, like any Internet development technology, is a skill that takes time (and the installation of many different browsers!) to develop.

There really is no "master list" that one can go by to be assured that the web site will be compatible with all the browsers, functioning and appearing the same regardless of the browser being used to view the site. It is important to make sure your website is compatible with at least the top 5 browsers which covers a majority of browser usage.

Currently some of the top browsers in use today are:

  1. www.microsoft.com Internet Explorer
  2. www.netscape.com Netscape
  3. www.mozilla.org Firefox / Mozilla
  4. www.opera.com Opera
  5. www.w3.org Amaya
  6. Google Chrome *New

As a web developer it is important for me to perform cross browser testing for my clients, I have all of these top browsers installed on my pc's and perform these tests regularly throughout the design process.

Would you like your website tested for Browser Compatibility on the above browsers?

I can perform a browser compatibility test on your website URL (www.yourname.com) and provide you with a full report with screen captures of what you site looks like on these browsers for a flat fee of $25.00 per website URL. Simply fill in your website URL below and proceed to secure payment.

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