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  • Question: I am shopping around for different prices for my web design and development needs, do you match quotes from other designers or firms?
  • Answer: Absolutely! In fact I will try and beat any quote I can, please email me for a free quote match.

  • Question: Can you Guide me through the steps of getting a website up and running?
  • Answer: Sure, you can read a basic overview of the steps involved in getting a website up and running at this link: Click Here

  • Question: Do you provide Web Hosting and Domain Name Registrations?
  • Answer: Yes, for more information Click Here

  • Question: Does your portfolio show web sites that only you have worked on?
  • Answer: Yes! I display only sites I have worked on personally in my portfolio. I have worked on other sites within groups/teams but those are not listed in my portfolio.
  • Question: If you're such a great web designer, how come your site is pretty basic?
  • Answer: Good question! The fact is I haven't had the time to work on my own site, it's a work in progress. As I get more free time, my site will enhance.

  • Question: If you develop my site, who performs future maintenance and edits on the site?
  • Answer: You choose! I can peform maintenance on the site for you or you can make future edits to content yourself.

  • Question: I Need a Web Developer that can meet with my clients as well as perform the development work, can you do this?
  • Answer: Yes, I often meet with clients to help them through the process, I have experience in full lifecycle development from the idea to the finished product.
  • Question: I Need a Ghost Developer, do you provide this service?
  • Answer: Yes, I can work behind the scenes and perform your web design and devlopment needs without your customers even knowing I exist, they will think you have your own in house design team!
  • Question: I Don't understand some of the technical words on your site, can you help?
  • Answer: Yes, Please visit my A-Z Web Terminology Page or go to my online Tutorials Page for help. If you don't find what you're looking for on those pages, then please email me for assistance, thanks!
  • Question: Can you help me with my web site meta tags?
  • Answer: Yes, Please visit my Meta Tag Help Page where you can read how tags work and also request advice from me.
  • Question: What is Liquid Design?
  • Answer: "Liquid Design" in the web design industry means that your web page width expands and contracts (stretch) when the browser window is minimized or maximized. The alternative to a Liquid webpage is a fixed width webpage which uses fixed tables with a specified pixel width. For more explanation please read: Liquid Web Design




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