Along with providing high-quality website design & development solutions at very economical rates. I also provide search engine and meta tag advice and help. This section should help you get familiar with Meta Tags.

Major search engines rely heavily on good meta content for indexing. If your meta tags are weak or nonexistent, your ranking will also be weak. (2999th position on a search engine out of 3000 results will not produce traffic to your site). Of course, Meta tags help your ranking, but they make up a small part of your total search engine strategy. You should make sure you have Meta Tags, Robot Files and Search Engine Submissions as well as a good marketing plan if you intend to get high rankings in the search engines.

If you'd like me to test or advise on your meta tags and search ranking please contact me. I will give you a free evaluation.

If you would like to create or check tags yourself, the information below should help you get started.

The most important meta tags are the title, description and keyowrds, each have 3 simple rules to go by when setting up your Meta Tags:

  1. TITLE TAGS: Total acceptable characters from most engines is 80.
  2. META DESCRIPTION: Total acceptable characters in your description tags from most engines is 200.
  3. META KEYWORDS: Total acceptable characters for your meta keyword tags from most engines is 500.

Meta Tags should be in the HTML of your web pages. Please see below a full list of the meta tags that you should have on your site. Where you see "" is where you enter your information. The Title META Tag should be used in conjunction with the normal

<META name="title" content="">
<META name="description" content="">
<META name="keywords" content="">
<META name="revisit-after" content="">
<META name="country" content="">
<META name="distribution" content="">
<META name="author" content="">
<META name="copyright" content="">
<META name="rating" content="">
<META name="hover" content="">
<META name="robots" content="">
<META name="generator" content="">
<META name="progid" content="">
<META name="security" content="">
<META name="googlerank" content="">
<META name="resource-type" content="">
<META name="classification" content="">
<META name="contactcity" content="">
<META name="contactstate" content="">
<META name="contactzipcode" content="">
<META name="contactphonenumber" content="">
<META http-equiv="reply-to" content="">

What Kind of name, description or keywords should you use? Well let's take my site for example, If I wanted to add keywords to my site I would probably choose these types of words and phrases to attract my visitors:

For my Title I would put something like this: - Your Number One Source for Freelance Web Design and Development

For my Description I would put something like this: - Providing Freelance Web Design, Development, Flash Animation, Site Marketing, Site Management and More!

For my Keywords I would put phrases or words from my list below that relate to my services or topic on my page or site, I would also develop a larg list like below so that I could pick and choose different keywords for different pages on my site based on what that page topic is. Rremember only 1000 characters allowed per page keywords so only 2 to 4 lines from this list below would be actually used for the keywords on a page:

Professional web design, budget web design, website design portfolio, Freelance Web Development and Design, Flash Animation, etc

If you'd like me to test or advise on your meta tags and search ranking please contact me. I will give you a free evaluation.


Here's a brief overview of my services, I provide these services for individuals, direct clients and to design firms that want to outsource or contract there work to me:

  • Full Life Cycle Web Site Design and Development Services.
  • New Website Design or Revamp/Redesign of an existing site.
  • Flash Animation Sites, Presentations and Banner Ads.
  • Site Management, Content Management and Maintenance.
  • Site Coding, Marketing, Engine Position Enhancing and Promotions.
  • Design and Co-Branding for Software Applications & User Interfaces.
  • Web Usability and Cross Browser Testing.
  • Presentations for Web or CDs.
  • Brochures and Advertisement Designs Web or Print.
  • Custom Landing Pages, Surveys and Forms.
  • Web Hosting & Email from $3.99 a Month! ($48/year).
  • Domain Name Registrations just $7.99 Year!
  • Free Consultations, Advice and Quotes.
  • Training and much more..
  • View my portfolio of sample web work

Feel free to request a FREE quote, or consultation, view my portfolio.

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