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File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

The file transfer protocol is the primary method of transferring files over the Internet at very high speed.

Transfer Modes

Two transfer modes are used in FTP. ASCII and BINARY. ASCII mode is used for the transfer of files consisting of plain text while the BINARY mode is used all types of files not consisting of plain text (such as sound, video, executables, images etc.). ASCII is called type A (for ASCII) and binary is called type I (for Image). Various character translations take place between computers to make the file more readable in ASCII transfers. BINARY transfers do not make any changes to any character of file.

Anonymous FTP

A virtue of FTP is that you do not need to have a valid user account on the target domain. You can access the files on the FTP site by using an anonymous user account if the domain allows you. You enter the user name as anonymous and the password is your email address.

FTP clients

You can always type the command ftp on your Windows 9x, Windows NT or UNIX machine to invoke a command oriented FTP client. Below are some common GUI (Graphical User Interface) clients. To see a specific FTP tutorial for one of these applications, please click on links below:







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