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The Internet Infrastructure

The Internet is set up in terms of domains and networks.


A domain is a reference to a computer connected to the Internet. Domain names contain the actual name of the computers, a domain prefix and sometimes a country code. The domain prefix shows the type of domain and the country code represents the country the domain belongs to. Some (not all) common domain prefixes are as follows :

  • .com - Commercial organizations, companies, people
  • .us - USA based companies, organizations or people
  • .edu - Educational institutes
  • .gov - Government owned institutes
  • .mil - Military domains
  • .net - Gateways and other networks
  • .org - Private organizations
  • .int - International domains
  • .to - Referral & redirection


In very simple words a network is a group of domains usually held by one owner(though not necessary). A network contains all the required administrative tools for the administration of the domains in the network.




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