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Welcome to the eNicola's Nvu website content editor tutorial page

Q: What is Nvu?

A: Nvu is a Freeware web authoring system that combines web file management and easy-to-use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web page text editing tool.  Nvu is designed to be extremely easy to use, making it ideal for non-technical computer users who want to update there website HTML text content without needing to know HTML or web programming.

This tutorial will be covering basic information you will need to edit text content on your web pages and publish your changes to the internet immediately.

  1. Downloading and Installing Nvu
  2. Opening Nvu for the first time
  3. Setting Up Publishing Site Settings
  4. Opening an Existing Web page
  5. Editing Text (Content, Color, Style and Font)
  6. Publishing Your Updates

Downloading and Installing Nvu Top

1. If you are using Windows, Click Here to start your Nvu installation. 

2. If you are not using Windows, you can go to the Nvu download page http://nvu.com/download.html to select the appropriate download for your Operating System. (Note: For this tutorial we used Windows windowslogo and Internet Explorer ) 

3. Click the appropriate link .exe file and Save the the file to your Desktop.



4. When the download is complete, Double-Click the Nvu icon nvuicon on your Desktop to install the program.
5. Follow the Nvu Setup Wizard instructions to install the application.







Opening Nvu for the first time  Top

1. To open Nvu for the first time you can check the Launch checkbox when the installation is complete.
2. You can also Double-click the Nvu icon nvuicon on your Desktop to run the program.

Setting Up Publishing Site Settings Top

1. Select Edit, Publishing Site Settings...

2. Select New Site and fill-in the fields for your Website and your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Settings.If you do not know your FTP settings, contact your hosting administrator. If I host your website, contact me for your FTP login information.

3. When you have finished filling in the fields, Click OK


Opening an Existing Web Page  Top

1. Select File, Open Web Location...


2. Type in the URL of the web page you wish to edit and then click Create.  
(Note: This should open the web page location you typed in Nvu.)


3. At this point you can close the Nvu Site Manager pane. You will not need it for text updates.


Editing Text (Content, Color, Style and Font)  Top

1. If you are adding to existing text content, position your cursor where you would like to start and begin typing.

2. If you are changing existing text content, you can either highlight the text you want to edit and begin typing or just delete the text as you would in a word processing program.

3. You may also insert text that you may have written and saved in another program by copy & pasting the text.

4. When you are finished editing your text, you can format the text in many ways through the Format Menu.

5. You may also format text using the shortcut buttons formatbuttons


Publishing Your Updates  Top

Once you have finished editing your text content, you will be ready to publish the page to the Internet.
1. You can either Click the Publish button publishbutton or Select File, Publish to begin.

2. Fill in the fields in the Publish Page window. Start by Selecting the Site Name.
3. Remember to end the Filename field with .html
4. Type /public_html  in the Site subdirectory for this page field. (Important: Be sure to type a forward slash before public_html)
5. Check the Include images and other files checkbox
6. When fields are completed, Click Publish


A status window will open showing the progress of your page upload. You can then open your preferred browser and view the page you have just edited.


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